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IoT Device Compatibility

From Modbus to Bacnet, Analog I/O to Digital I/O, Basic CSV to HTTP JSON protocols, our technology aims to provide multi-communication methods to connect any type of sensors and equipment in the field

Our Connection Manager let's you define device types and data mapping customizable to build any applications. Configure the data mapping as read only or read/write capable of performing automatic controls

  Fish Farm & Agriculture Monitoring     pH Oxygen CO2 Temp Sensor Monitoring      Irrigation Control System      Fish Production Analysis      Critical Alarm Design      Automatic Sensor Data Emails  

Built-in Variables & Formulas

Design your own logic calculations and set control schemes with our Variable & Formula Manager. Choose from 300 different variables such as timers, booleans, counters, integral, numeric and more

Build complex applications such as Demand Control, PLC Management, Building Energy Optimization, Chiller Efficiency Analysis, and more!

Not possible to do with tradition CLOUD portal data loggers

  Smart Switchgear Application      Breaker-Meter-Relay-Sensor Monitoring      -20C to 70C Industrial Design Server      Cost Effect Plant SCADA      Switch Room O&M      Makes OLD Switchgear IoT READY!  

Reporting Engine

Choose from various built-in reports such as TOU Billing, Energy Analysis, Production, Trending, etc. and create schedules to send automatic Report Emails. Save them into Excel, CSV or PDF

Bring customized variables/calculations into the report you designed!

Uploads Excel reports to FTP directly, program a time schedule to automatically send out

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