EM200 IoT SCADA Server

Design reports without scripting!

Why take weeks to learn programming a reporting script to design your own schedule email reports?  Enerwise's EM200 IOT Server reporting engine are just clicks and mouse drops away to creating your own customized reports with graphs, tables and KPI cards.  Set it to email you on schedule or generate on demand.  If you are looking at generic standardized report templates, choose from the 20 templates built-in.  Contact us for details!



Energy Categorization and Alerting

Looking for an Energy Management System with SCADA?  Look no further!  EM200 IOT Server let's you group and categorize energy meters into mult-layer load types, create you own energy layers in the organization.  Set the alarms when usage is high.  Our predictive demand and integration functions create demand control applications easily without any scripting or additional PLC's.